Cannon Plans

On the following pages you will find plans for making the SAMCC Club gun. The plans were drawn up by taking measurements from the Club gun and sending them via the internet to George Gaskill in California. George drew them out and kindly provides them for our use

You will find two versions of the barrel. The first version is drawn faithful to the original with a large heavy muzzle swell. This version is muzzle heavy and the rear of the barrel has to be tied down.

The Second version has a more traditional muzzle swell and very similar to a British 32 PDR.

Make the barrel from 4140 or 1018 steel or c360 grade brass.

The Carriage can be made from any good hardwood and clear coated or painted. I painted mine yellow ochre, the color used by Lord Nelson on his HMS Victory.

For simplicity use common hardware store nuts, bolts and screws to assemble.

-Barrel Plans-

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